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Gas Strut Locking Tubes

Part Number Rod ø Tube ø Stroke Material Code Stock
R T St Available
[mm] [mm] [mm]
0GS-LTN-6-100 6 15 100 Stahl / Steel
54 4
0GS-LTN-6-150 6 15 150 Stahl / Steel
28 0
0GS-LTN-6-200 6 15 200 Stahl / Steel
61 8
0GS-LTN-6-80 6 15 80 Stahl / Steel
96 0
0GS-LTX-6-100 6 15 100 Rostfrei / Stainless Steel
37 0
0GS-LTX-6-150 6 15 150 Rostfrei / Stainless Steel
8 0
0GS-LTX-6-200 6 15 200 Rostfrei / Stainless Steel
0 0
0GS-LTX-6-800 6 15 80 Rostfrei / Stainless Steel
0 0
0GS-LTN-8-100 8 18 100 Stahl / Steel
315 0
0GS-LTN-8-150 8 18 150 Stahl / Steel
2 2
0GS-LTN-8-200 8 18 200 Stahl / Steel
22 0
0GS-LTN-8-250 8 18 250 Stahl / Steel
40 0
entries per page <
1 2 3 4

Locking Tubes 

A locking tube is a safety device used for gas struts that ensures that no extra safety rod or support is necessary to assist in lifting applications like flaps on sales vehicles and trailers. As soon as the gas strut is fully extended, the locking tube locks protecting people from harm in the event of incorrect usage, excessive strain or strong winds occurring.

The locking tube can be released easily by manually applying thumb pressure to move the tube out of the way so the gas strut can compress.

Our locking tubes are available in Black or Stainless Steel to complement our gas struts ranges.